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About us


EA-Strategy is a company that was first established in Colombia and expanded  to the United States.

Our executives have over 15 years of experience in management and implementation of information systems, construction of software and consulting services; composed of professionals from different disciplines who demand the full and responsible exercise of IT activity, Business understanding, results of engineers and business consultants with extensive and successful experience in various business sectors of the National and International market.


Our company is based on the following differentiators:


  • Main representations of the world best Enterprise Software Solutions classified by groups like Gartner Group, Forrester Wave and others.


  • Tools for our customers to ensure the use and compliance of best practices, methodologies, standards and best known frameworks in the market: TOGAF, COBIT, ITIL, ISO 9001, ISO3100 and others.



Executive Director.

Engineering Director.

Sales and Expansion Director.

Angela Urueña


Professional executive in business administration and leadership.

With over 15 years of experience in managing successful companies of Computing and recognized government and private projects .


Leadership skills , negotiation , finance , compliance and management in the execution of projects.


Welcome customers and partners. Committed to the interests of the company and aware of the goals to lead every day.


" We ensure excellence..."

Jorge Gómez


Systems Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana , responsible for the planning, implementation and development of software projects of the organization.


Analyst process automation and enterprise architecture , focused on the implementation and construction of solutions.


WebRatio experience , WinDev, FileHold , mailroom , Eaves among others. Engineers addressed our group.



"The execution quality is our commitment ... "


María Luisa Pineda


Professional bilingual in International Business and Management Information Systems .


Focused on the expansion and growth of the firm. It ensures that all clients and international alliances of the company contribute to a constant mutual expansion .


Managerial experience and national and international business .


Studies at recognized universities in the United States and France.


"Satisfying our customers is our priority ... "


Administrative and Financial Management.

Nataly Barreto



Studies in international business and business administrator .


Responsible for directing , organizing and controlling all administrative and financial activities of the company contributing to the growth and expansion of the company.


Expert on establishing standard communications systems so that all communications are handled quickly and properly maintaining high ethical standards in personnel.



"With leadership and appreciation, communication flows toward   building "

Project Management and Quality.

Juan Camilo Pineda


Industrial Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana , responsible for the proper performance of the projects of the organization.


Expert in management and implementation of document management systems and risk management , project management in the part of presale , implementation and sales .


Focused on customer service , support and implementation of the projects presented tools .


" Working together with our customers every day , we ensure that each delivery is satisfactory "



"To be a vital connector between technology and business so that the flow of technology is more coherent and cohesive, giving customers the solutions they need" LAP




Add value to our customers by increasing the efficiency and productivity of their operations facilitating access to the latest information technologies.


Business goals.


Using tools, methodologies and best practices combined: Enterprise Architecture, SOA, systems integration, Document Management, Modeling and Automation and Risk Management and Incident; achieve significant improvements in high-impact projects. Our projects are aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization accomplished in short term.