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Do you already know where do you want to take your business?


Enterprise Architecture helps you to identify the current state of the corporate structure with all the resources and the most efficient route to the target destination. EA is a concept that allows you to have these components in an object-oriented and related repository, related and aligned to the strategic objectives of your organization.  

With our solutions for EA, Model and relate major component of the company:  Strategy, Processes, Organization structures, Risks, Technological Application Architecture, IT Infrastructure.

Get full visibility of the organization by the alignment of the resources to the strategic objectives and mission.  Vision a set of graphic representations and textual specifications to model, relates and aligns the different resources and components of an organization towards the strategic objectives, all through true comprehensive and integrated management processes, visibility for better management and optimization and proper maintenance of the balance between quality and cost levels.


Risk management is not about eliminating risks, but taking on board risks and managing them to an acceptable level.  There is no profit without risk.

Many organizations are looking for a mechanism to ensure efficient investment of resources to counter the ever-increasing types of enterprise risks, the increasing cost of insurance, claims and litigation.

Our cutting edge tools and independent research has leveled the playing field. Your industry knowledge and our software expertise is the best combination to reduce your risks.

Incom's Enterprise Risk Manager™ is based on a simple proven approach to risk reduction, supporting ISO 31000 and other International standards.  ISO 31000 is the new generic risk management standard that helps you manage risks of any type.

Incom has over 150 installations world wide - Australia - USA - Canada - Europe - Asia/Pacific - Africa - South America

Risk Manager facilitates risk assessments and manages data by risk category, asset/area at risk, location, department, division, risk assessor, risk owner, risk contact, action owner, action type and responsible party.

Risk Manager provides risk review and action due reminders by task list or by automated email.  There are many ways to slice and dice the information to produce reports of top risks and to monitor progress of controls and actions.


Achieving the dream of a paperless office is now possible. Document Management allows adequate leverage, automation and protection of information processes for the different areas of an organization. We address document management to the highest international safety standards throughout the process: Creation and / or capture of documents and contents, Distribution and Access, Review and approval workflows, Retention and disposal

Centralize documents and content areas digitally on a central repository easy to deploy, use and manage; ensures your information to be organized, safe, available and according to compliance. Some of the most common processes for automation are correspondence and invoices.

The document process begins since a document is created or arrives to the company, the process for physical documents, should be careful and automatic handled because the correspondence is the gateway to important physical documents and official correspondence like invoices, documents Banking, Legal, etc.

The process of these documents is vital to be completed within a short time, safely, automatically and with traceability. When the process is controlled from the beginning to a final disposal, the benefits are immediate in time, cost and quality to internal and external customers.


Model and automate business processes and IT processes of your company.

BPM (Business Process Management) is a management discipline that treats processes as tangible assets which contribute to business performance. BPM employing methods, policies, measures, practices and software tools for continuous process optimization and improvement of business performance against goals and objectives (what is also known as BPI (Business Process Improvement): Improving business process.



Rely on our platforms and engineers for the development of web and mobile applications customized to your needs. Model-based  development allows automatic code generation based on design models.

Rapid development, based on the latest methodologies,ofWe have the solution
and very high technology. Through automatic code generation, times and development errors significantly decrease.