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Web and Mobile Development


Web Ratio is the development platform & Mobile Web applications that allows your resources to focus on requirements analysis, modeling and validation of compliance while WebRatio handles in seconds automatically generate the code and application ready to be tested. This saves incredible amounts of time and effort in the development of custom applications.

WebRatio is an innovative model-based environment for developing business applications and mobile websites quickly and without errors. The tool captures the requirements of an abstract pattern and automatically generates a functional-complete, industrial-strength business application. The models are based on BPMN standard notation and IFML. The result is a perfect standard Java application unlimited owner or components that can be developed at any time Java application server.

The development environment is open; generation rules can be extended and customized. WebRatio allows process analysts, analysts, Web designers and developers to work on optimizing team collaboration and times.

Development times are shown to be reduced by more than 5 times!